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Self Promotion

7 Self-Promotion Resources for Designers

When establishing yourself as a powerful player in the design arena, it’s crucial to hone your  self-promotion and branding expertise. While it might seem like common sense, self-promotion may be more of a challenge than you think. After all, it entails more than organizing your work into a carefully orchestrated portfolio. Thorough self-promotion also requires...

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7 Tips to Help You Land a Promotion

You’re ready for the next step—a promotion, a new title, or a new employee to take under your wing—and the salary bump that accompanies that career growth. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it’s time to lobby your supervisor for the reward you’ve earned.


Going Up?

How many of you have your elevator pitch ready? No? Shame on you! Over the years, the elevator pitch has become increasingly important as an key component of the in-house designer’s toolbox, especially considering all the areas within a corporate environment that employees intersect—coffee rooms, cafeteria, hallways and, of course, elevators. Essentially it’s a...

Happy Xmas single

INspiration Wednesdays: Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

“Happy Xmas (War Is Over)“, written by John Lennon and Yoko Ono and released as a single in 1971 has become a ubiquitous FM radio staple of the holiday season. The song was the final note from the 1969 campaign by Lennon and Ono to promote peace during the tumultuous and unpopular Vietnam War...

Make Some Holiday Flypaper

PARSE SELF PROMOTION WEEK: A well-done promotion is one that has a straightforward purpose, a simple message… and is as “sticky” as possible. Another key element to promotions is to create them in a way that makes them stick out yet not be… well, annoying.

C’mon. Be Interesting.

by Justin Ahrens Want to have better conversations or be more interesting in meetings? Learn to talk about more than the weather. Not everyone is a great conversationalist, and even the best have a tough day now and then. Plus, we all have clients that are challenging to talk to. So, how can you...

Generate Monster Ideas (By Getting All Emotional and Stuff)

Whether we’re designers, writers, illustrators, photographers, creatives or clerics, we call some facet of marketing “home.” Our pictures, words, drawings or photographs play a part in the unique purpose of altering human behavior in favor of our client’s product, service or offering. Which is just fancy-schmancy talk for generating ideas to convince someone to...