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Change Client Perceptions of Your Firm

Ever return to a reunion and been frustrated when former classmates are surprised at your success? It may be human nature to pigeonhole each other, and since (most) clients are human, they have a natural tendency to make assumptions about your firm's abilities that will be tough to change. Here are 6 things to...

Determine a Good Designer and Client Match

Great design requires great designer /client collaboration. If you are a graphic designer, then you know all too well that one of the hard, yet fascinating, things about design is that it requires so many kinds of knowledge and thought—from conceptual to technical.

Position Your Firm: 4 Essential Components

Yes, you need a marketing plan, though something that will fit on the front and back of one napkin will work fine. Yes, you need marketing materials. Yes, one person needs to be charged with making this happen. But there are four things that will do more than anything else in making you successful...

Get Referrals

Keeping your focus on cultivating client referrals is the best way to get them, and just a few small tweeks ought to get you there.

Forget About Your Process

Your process is different for every one of your clients because every one of them is different. You're not selling cookie cutter creativity, you are selling focused attention and guidance that is individually tailored to each of your clients. Don't confuse your process with the stages of your work. The stages may...