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Your Online Design Resume: What You Need to Know

The online design resume is one of the most intimidating things new job seekers have to deal as they begin their careers. Creating an online design resume requires different skills and considerations than traditional print resumes. Furthermore, most people in a position to give a new job seeker advice about resumes haven’t competed in the job...

6 Tips to Perfect Your Portfolio

All style and no substance is the No. 1 critique voiced by executives about creative portfolios, according to a a survey by The Creative Group. Find out how to build and present a a portfolio that demonstrates value to potential employers.

In-house Observations: A Talent For Finding Talent

In Search of the Genuine Article Part 1 by Ed Roberts On rare occasions when I wasn’t wading through a sea of résumés and portfolios, I could be found watching one of my guiltiest pleasures—the Antiques Roadshow. I got a kick out of watching rummage sale shoppers’ mouths drop when an old clay jug...