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Giving Coca-Cola Bottles A Second Life

In recent years there’s been a huge movement toward green, sustainable living and business practices. From do-it-yourself projects that have taken the internet by storm on sites like Pinterest, Instructables, and more, to artists building homes for the homeless out of discarded items. In other parts of the world, namely third world countries, there’s...

Buy Local in the Global Village

The idea of working locally doesn’t mean we have to lose our ability to tackle the market beyond our immediate vicinity. When I talk about thinking locally, I specifically mean think about what is local to you and what is local to your product’s destination.

Saving Green by Being Green

I think one of the most important things that come up when trying to turn a creative to the world of green is the money. It’s something I’ll be continuously looking into but the bad news is being green isn’t always cheap. Because of this, I’m going to ease your conversion into the world...

Behind the Design: Sagmeister Teams with BNS

Sagmeister, Inc. gave the renewable energy subsidiary of Energias de Portugal (EDP), a growing wind energy company, a strikingly fresh brand identity. The renowned designer and studio partnered with Brand New School to create an animated storyline.

How Green Are You?

Folks, I have to admit, while the results of my poll weren't the bleakest, it definitely didn’t paint a pretty picture for creatives and how we treat the planet. There is a lot of room for improvement.