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If you don’t know who your target market is….

I’m in a Facebook group where last week a designer posted his portfolio and wanted feedback. It was difficult to provide much feedback, however,  because he hadn’t tailored his portfolio for anyone in particular. When it was suggested to him that he choose a market, he asked, “How do I figure that out?” to which Tara Alemany, of Aleweb Social...

Luke Mysse

Focus means you know where to fish

There's an excellent discussion going on over at the CFC LinkedIn group between CFC veteran, Tiffany Estes, and Luke Mysse in response to Tiffany's question, "How much work in the pipeline does it take to keep you sane?"

Finding your focus

It’s Marketing Monday — that means you have another opportunity to work ON your business, before the post-holiday rush of client requests sets in (and especially if there is no rush of client requests.) For my Freelance Column for the next issue of HOW, I’m answering a question people are constantly asking: how exactly...

Go the extra mile to learn what you want

I’ve been running my own graphic design business for almost 10 years. After attending my first CFC this past summer, I learned I could be doing so much more, and I learned feast or famine doesn’t have to be a way of life for freelancers. So, after talking with a few of my new...