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Training Your Coworkers to Understand Design

As an in-house designer, many of your coworkers don’t always understand what they do. And this might lead to a lot of frustration and misunderstandings about projects. With these tips from in-house design manager Scott Kirkwood, learn how you can educate your coworkers about design and your team.

HOWseGuest: Keeping it Fresh

Keeping it Fresh By Shannon Stull Carrus   It’s easy for in-housers to get swept up in the “same ‘ol” routine of working in-house; same brand, same colors, same logo, same projects … day-after-day (and sometimes year-after-year). It’s time to shake things up a bit! Just as developers need to brush up on their...

Avoid Extinction: Keep Your Skills and Your Team’s Skills Sharp

Avoid Extinction: Keep Your Skills and Your Team’s Skills Sharp By: Jackie Schaffer During a recent series of roundtable meetings with creative leaders, we asked whether each team had training budgets and whether they were adequate. The answers were across the board. The most generous approach included a set amount per team member per...

10 spots remain for Cella’s Creative Leaders training next month

Who: Creative Leaders from companies across industries—including leaders from ESPN, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, MetLife, Bass Pro Shops, Marriott, CarMax and Loyola University. What:  The seminar will include the following training and breakout sessions: Setting and Communicating Client Expectations Building Blocks for Creative Operations Setting and Accomplishing Strategic Priorities Engaging, Developing and Promoting Your...

Training Designers for the Web

Hiring a talented in-house designer who understands interactive can be a real challenge. After eight years of running an interactive studio, Josh Goldblum knows the best ways to get the most out of hires—and out of his own design career.