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5 Typographic Lessons from the Masters

Allan Halley shares 5 typographic lessons from his interviews with several typography masters, including Gail Anderson, Kit Hinrichs, Erik Spiekermann, and others, taken from his HOW Design Live 2014 session.

Banana Drawings

Go Bananas

What is about bananas and the internet? They’re practically the fruit world’s answer to cats. London based agency Mat Dolphin has taken advantage of our apparent obsession with this yellow treat with Banana Drawings, a series of photos of bananas decorated with typographic messages, many of which appear to be inside jokes. No matter...

Site of the Day: Gidsy.com

What happens when you combine a clean typographic centric style with a minimalistic mindset and some smooth solid colors? With any luck, you end up with a site like this that’s are nothing short of inspiring. This site is deceptively simple, and it might not be immediately apparent why I picked it as the...

HOW Top 10 Websites for Designers

Chocolate Type

Designers love typography and humans love chocolate, so what’s better than a gourmet candy bar that combines the two? Montreal-based design firm Dynamo is selling a duo of chocolate bars, each inscribed with a positive typographic message. These would make great New Year’s client gifts! This design/flavour combo includes: 1) Design: Heck Yes. Flavour:...