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Good Fonts for Logos: Grota Type Family

Searching endlessly for good fonts for logos only to come up short? See if the Grota family of fonts tickles your fancy. Modeled after the oldest type of sans serif font, this grotesque sans serif emulates a handmade style. The unicase type also has a hand lettered feel, but is legible enough to stand...

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Klinic Slab Serif Font: Tuesday Type Treat

Klinic Slab is a new serif font from Lost Type Co-Op. This new font design comes in four weights and each weight has an italic counterpart. As with all Lost Type Co-Op typography designs, Klinic Slab is of the pick-your-price variety. If you are looking for something that allows for great readability in infographics...

Typographic Sins

7 Typographic Sins Thou Shalt Not Commit

Typographic Hell. It’s not a pleasant place to be. Some of us are headed there, and we’re making others suffer along the way. But fear not: Redemption is here. In the July Issue of HOW, designer and typography junkie Jim Godfrey tells of 34 Typographic sins (download all now) and how to free yourself...