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Prototypo | Streamlining Font Creation

Picking the perfect typeface for your creation can be hard work — there are thousands of fonts out there, each with their own unique look and feel to choose from. Expand your search beyond those readily available online and you’ll find typographers handcrafting unique fonts for each job – some even willing to make...


Matthew Allen’s Food & Wine Illustration

Sure, mom always said, “don’t play with your food,” but she probably didn’t say “don’t play with your food illustration.” That’s a good thing because otherwise we may have missed out on illustrator Matthew Allen‘s delightful design for “Food & Wine” magazine. When the publication requested an illustration to differential butcher’s cuts—wing from butt,...


2 New Font Families from The Font Shop

Are you need of some new font families with a hand-made feel? The Font Shop  released 2 font families that might be up your font-loving alley. First, the new family from the Hamilton Wood Type foundry,  Catchwords.  Designed by Miranda Roth, Catchwords is a fun, unique take on wood type. Focused on catchwords, such...