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Change Client Perceptions of Your Firm

Ever return to a reunion and been frustrated when former classmates are surprised at your success? It may be human nature to pigeonhole each other, and since (most) clients are human, they have a natural tendency to make assumptions about your firm's abilities that will be tough to change. Here are 6 things to...

Measure Design

Designers are always working on building trust with their clients. In order to effectively work towards meeting the many challenges our planet faces, or simply helping businesses create better relationships with their customers, designers need to be valued and respected.

Share Your Vocabulary

The language we use to explain our work often reflects the attributes to which we assign the most importance. Giving your clients a consistent indication of where to focus their attention will help them give more useful comments and keep the project on track.

Embrace Design Strategy

Beautiful design is wonderful, but without having a solid context for the work first, you’re depending on luck to really nail solutions. To solve business problems, to do work that will be a sound investment for your clients, you need to start with strategy.

Determine a Good Designer and Client Match

Great design requires great designer /client collaboration. If you are a graphic designer, then you know all too well that one of the hard, yet fascinating, things about design is that it requires so many kinds of knowledge and thought—from conceptual to technical.

Position Your Firm: 4 Essential Components

Yes, you need a marketing plan, though something that will fit on the front and back of one napkin will work fine. Yes, you need marketing materials. Yes, one person needs to be charged with making this happen. But there are four things that will do more than anything else in making you successful...

Promote Your Value (Even If You Lack Experience)

It used to be that businesses had to have stood the test of time in order to be trusted, and it was far more difficult to gain trust without the credibility of experience. Today, because anyone with something to say or a good idea can get out there in a matter of minutes and...