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Explore Your Web Font Options with Typecast

The web community is abuzz with developments in online typography; you’ve no doubt heard of groundbreaking tools like Typekit  and Google Web Fonts. Here on HOWID, we’ve covered the history of web typography and web type trends. If you’re still trying to unravel all the options for type on the web, then you’ll want to know...

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Just My Type: Gorgeous Web Typography

Still think web-based type has to be ugly? Think again. This collection of beautiful type is all live HTML-based text powered by Typekit and inspired by TypeStacks. These classy typeface pairings are just gorgeous. More web type resources HOW’s July 2011 typography issue Typography Collection—save nearly $60! More font and typography articles from HOW

Free Icon Font for Twitter Bootstrap: Font Awesome

You know we can’t get enough icon fonts. Font Awesome serves up even more fun with font-based icons. This one’s a collection of 150+ icons designed to use with Twitter Bootstrap, a set of HTML, CSS and JavaScript that lets you set up a responsive website quickly.  MORE RESOURCES Logo Design Love 1,000 Icons,...