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29 Things Young Designers Need to Know

Too bad there’s not a handbook for making the shift from design student to design professional. To make that transition easier, Doug Bartow, principal of ID29 offers his advice. The list below appeared in the January 2011 issue of HOW along with a limited edition poster designed by id29. Interacting with students and young...

16 Emerging Creatives

After evaluating countless portfolios and projects, the editors of HOW selected a group of 16 highly talented emerging creative professionals who are poised to make a difference in the visual landscape.

Friends of Type

Get Inspired by Friends of Type

What started out as a creative outlet, has turned into a hot spot for handmade type inspiration. Get inspired by the self-proclaimed type nerds and designers behind FriendsOfType.com. They built a creative venture around their mutual passion: Type.

Egg Chicken

Illustrator/designer Kyle Bean, who’s known for creating 3D images from cardboard (like the cover he created for the January 2011 issue of HOW), just posted a new personal project where he’s built a 3D chicken from egg shells. Too cool! via Not Cot

Advice For Young Designers

From John C. Jay, Wieden+Kennedy’s executive creative director: 1: Be authentic. The most powerful asset you have is your individuality, what makes you unique. It’s time to stop listening to others on what you should do. 2: Work harder than anyone else and you will always benefit from the effort. 3: Get off the...

Rising Stars of Design

Check out the August 2009 issue of HOW for the full interviews as well as great eye candy for the 17 rising stars of design. See below for snippets of the Q&A not found in the magazine. Kelly English LOCATION Minneapolis WEBSITE www.kenglishstuff.com BORN 1970 EDUCATION University of Georgia, Athens, GA, graduated in 1996...