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Yahoo! Calendar
Do you need to get your life in order? Yahoo can help you start with Yahoo! Calendar. Once you register, you can be reminded of important events by email notices, share data from your existing PalmPilot or Microsoft Outlook systems, and easily chart upcoming events by day, week, month or year. The best part is, you can access your private calendar information from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.
Travlang’s Translating Dictionaries
Are you planning some international travel in the hopes of expanding your global clientele? Only geeks carry around translation dictionaries. If you want to converse with the natives, visit Travelang’s online translation dictionary site. Here, you can translate phrases into English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish and even Finnish. While you’re here, search for data regarding maps, hotels, directions and more in your destination.
Small Business Information
Successful small businesspeople often wear several hats, even during the same day. For great tips about everything from legal concerns, marketing, techology and taxes, check out’s archive of small business tips and links. All of it’s condensed on one page, keeping the info at your fingertips, and giving you a place to hang your proverbial hat.
Port Authority
Port Authority is a national marketing and consulting firm for photographers, illustrators, designers and reps. This site includes articles on marketing and business development, and worksheets to help focus your goals and guide your business. It also offers a calendar of design competitions and links to portfolio and marketing suppliers.
ISo you know what you want but don’t know how to find it? Check out BizWeb. This site includes links to more than 43,000 businesses in nearly 200 categories. Save yourself some time picking through the Yellow Pages is a website with a singular mission: to help develop a common definition of the term branding.
Clients & Profits
Clients & Profits is the original, award-winning agency management software for Mac and Windows. For nearly 20 years, agencies have trusted Clients & Profits for accurate data management, time-saving integration, and forward-thinking development. Free demo.
Copper – Studio Management Software
Designed specifically for studios, Copper is an web-based Project Management Software Tool which allows you to track and manage client and project information, and store project related files.
Creative Manager Pro
Creative Manager Pro is a web-based, integrated project management and job tracking solution for creative companies.
Creative Business
There’s no business like the design business. At, you’ll find a variety of free and for-a-fee resources that will help you make sound business decisions. Then you can devote your time to the real reason why you got into design—to be creative.
Business savvy tends to tax a side of the brain that most creatives don’t like to use. For a yearly subscription of $14.99, includes a host of valuable tools for the business side of design. This includes access to forms, contracts, manuals, job descriptions, pricing, professional business advice and more.
Creaitve Public
Includes a host of valuable tools for the business side of design, including access to forms, contracts, manuals, job descriptions, pricing, professional business advice and more.
Financial Finesse
If a lot of your design business has dried up this year, you’re not alone. In these increasingly lean times, it’s more important than ever to establish strong financial footing. This site will provide you with the ability to do just that, with a variety of articles on money-management, budgeting tips, tax advice and helpful interactive tools.
Whether you’re dealing with in-house staff relations or contract negotiations, legal quandaries poke their head into many corners of the design world. When those times come, Find Law will prove invaluable. This resource includes links to Federal Resources, cases and codes, and much more.
TimeFox by FunctionFox is a simple, affordable, web-based system for tracking time. It was designed to meet the needs of small business and workgroups: the need for accessible, easy-to-use timesheets, for a flexible and powerful business tool, and for comprehensive, customizable reports. TimeFox is considerably less complex and expensive than other time-tracking applications, although it provides similar features for recording time and expenses, estimating, and analysis of productivity and profitability.
So you want to open your own firm? You may find the help you need to get started at Included are listings of resources for helping build your business, articles, advice and a look at some other services provided.
Blog focusing on the business of graphic design.
Infowit Creative Manager
Infowit – Creative Manager is a web-based project management software solution built for creative and design firms. It allows clients, vendors, and agencies to communicate and collaborate on projects in real-time 24 hours a day. Estimating, Integrated Scheduling, Time Cards, Tracking, Client Review and Approvals, Asset Management, Contact Management and Prospecting, Procurement, Purchasing, Financials, and more.
IRS: Small Business/Self Employed
Are you actively dreading April 15? Join the club, then log on to the Small Business/Self-Employed section of the IRS site. The interface is (suprisingly!) easy to navigate and understand. You can download the forms and publications, access resources, get tips and more.
Nolo Press
Nolo Press is the publisher for a variety of self-help law books. At the companion Web site, you’ll find a helpful legal encyclopedia, tips for small businesses and other valuable legal advice. Various topics addressed on this site include legal, business, workplace, estate planning, personal finance and more. All copy is written in layman’s terms, so you don’t have to be a lawyer to “get” it.
Price Watch
Before you make your next computer-related purchase, check out Price Watch, the Street Price Search Engine. You’ll be able to search for street prices on everything from scanners to CPUs to find the cheapest prices.
Same-Page eStudio
Same-Page is a customizable virtual office that gives you and your clients secure, cross-platform collaboration, conferencing, a calendar and online project-management tools to enhance workflow. Users can post files for comment, review, presentation and approval, no matter their geographic locations.
2ndSite Online Invoicing Service
Secure web based billing & invoicing service with online invoice payment. Ideal for freelancers, design firms, independent contractors, small & medium sized businesses. User friendly features include employee timesheets, document sharing & reporting tools. In two clicks you can easily add payment plugins like PayPal, VeriSign, Electracash, PSiGate or Paradata. A custom login page can be created to match the look of your company website so staff and clients feel at home when logging in.
Self-Promotion Online
If you want to know more about how to promote yourself, ask an expert. Ilise Benun literally wrote the book on self promotion. At this site, you can download a free chapter from her book Self-Promotion Online, find out where Ilise is speaking and explore promotion-related links.
Target Marketing
No matter what your title is, your job is ultimately all about marketing. Here’s a site to help you come to terms with this reality and improve your marketing skills. The companion Web site to Target Marketing magazine offers tips of the week, top stories for marketers, a database of marketing speakers, a resource center and more.
The Prepared Mind
The Prepared Mind focuses on discussion about the graphic design industry and the challenges facing it. It also features weekly podcast shows with a variety of graphic design professionals like Ed Gold, Emily Ruth Cohen and GK VanPatter.