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Recordings from HOW Design Live/CFBC 2014 Now Available

Whether you were in Boston or not, you will want to get access to the 2014 Creative Freelancer Business Conference Collection audio recordings. It includes not only the CFBC sessions, but additional bonus sessions from HOW Design Live that are relevant to freelancers or anyone running their own business. This collection of audio and video...

Designer's Proposal Bundle (Vol. 2)

Proposal Due This Week? Read These 2 Articles First.

If you’re working on a proposal this week (and even if you’re not), check out these new articles and make sure your next freelance proposal is a “winning” proposal — otherwise, it’s a waste of your time! Here are excerpts… On PaperSpecs.com, read “Should I Even Write That Proposal?” Many of the problems that arise...

2014 HOW In-House Design Awards Gallery

HOW’s InHouse Design Awards celebrates the best creative work produced by designers working in corporations, associations and organizations. The 86 winning design projects from this competition, featured In the January 2014 issue, represent the creative best of the in-house design industry. The judges selected the merit winners, outstanding achievement winners, and one best of...


Giving Half: verynice!

In business turning a profit is the main objective. Of course it is, I mean raise your hand if you like making money. I know I do. Money makes the world go round and it’s the one topic no one likes to talk about; it’s the big elephant in the room that we all...

From Moonlighter to Freelancer in 2014

The time is now to make your freelance dreams come true in 2014. You’ve been dabbling on the side and have always set your sights on being your own boss. The New Year is the perfect time to craft your plan to ramp up your freelance business. With this new kit from HOW Design...


What I Love Most About #HOWLive

I know, I work for HOW, so of course I want you to come to HOW Design Live. Let me give you the real story about #HOWLive and how it has shaped my career and recharged my creative battery when I needed it most.

"Where are you going?"

CFC How To: Jenny Poff Explains Finding Your Target Market

Freelancer and CFC Veteran, Jenny Poff, created this short explainer video to share what she learned at CFC 2013 about finding her target market. Jenny is also the founder of THE DESIGNERS ROUNDTABLE, a free accountability group for solo creative professionals. I noticed that a lot of solo creatives are struggling with defining their niche...