Global Buzz: 6 International Stunners

No need to break out your passport to immerse yourself in design from abroad. Here, we’ve gathered the good stuff: 6 eye-catching international designers. In the Spring 2015 issue of HOW, writer Bryn Mooth scoured every corner of the internet in search of six spellbinding design firms to profile in the International Design Issue...


Make It Flatter: The Yosemite Backlash

Since its release last year, OS X Yosemite has seen a steady adoption rate, but some designers have avoided it. And yet, many designers and users in general, aren't completely satisfied with Mac OS X 10.10. On social media as well as Apple's support community, the Yosemite-haters vent their frustration. They've either avoided Yosemite...


Getting Into In-House

Looking to change things up this year? Getting an in-house design gig could be just what you need. Jason Tselentis explores what it takes to get into in-house.

Recordings CFBC image

Recordings from HOW Design Live/CFBC 2014 Now Available

Whether you were in Boston or not, you will want to get access to the 2014 Creative Freelancer Business Conference Collection audio recordings. It includes not only the CFBC sessions, but additional bonus sessions from HOW Design Live that are relevant to freelancers or anyone running their own business. This collection of audio and video...

Designer's Proposal Bundle (Vol. 2)

Proposal Due This Week? Read These 2 Articles First.

If you’re working on a proposal this week (and even if you’re not), check out these new articles and make sure your next freelance proposal is a “winning” proposal — otherwise, it’s a waste of your time! Here are excerpts… On PaperSpecs.com, read “Should I Even Write That Proposal?” Many of the problems that arise...