A Look Inside HOW’s May 2012 Issue



HOW's May 2012 Cover

Creativity is the catalyst behind the biggest and brightest ideas. Knowing how to tap inspiration when you need it most can help you create Your Best Work, like the designers featured in the May 2012 issue of HOW. Dive deep into this issue and take the reins of your own creative prowess. Plus, view 10 paper and packaging projects with punch.

Top Coverlines: 8 Easy Exercises to Break Through Creative Block, Your Best Work Awards: Winning Firm Profiles, 8 Job-Hunting Strategies to Get Hired Now, It’s Scientific: How Personality Tests Can Make the Most of Your Design Team – You’ll find all this and more inside this issue.

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Your Best Work

Your Best Work

For our new design awards, we asked to see your best work from the last two years. Then we chose the top freelancer/small design team and the top large design team to feature. The competition was fierce, but the projects were fiercer, in the first design contest to recognize a body of work.



Design By Personality

Design By Personality

The two partners behind Jacob Tyler call themselves “the odd couple,” but they’re actually a perfect match. Here’s why they work so well together, and how personality testing is helping them take the firm to the next level.



Package DealPackage Deal

Distill the discipline of packaging design to its essence, and you have simple forms: box, bottle, bag. But skilled designers enhance those forms with materials, finishes and flourishes in ways that elevate a package from mundane to memorable. We consulted with Andrew Gibbs, editor/founder of TheDieline.com, to spotlight 10 projects featuring eye-catching paper choices and distinctive production techniques.


Creative StuffCreative Stuff

Need a creative boost? A break? A boredom buster? Here’s a taste of a new activity book just for designers. It will help you exercise your imagination through interactive games and challenges, sharpen your mind with puzzles and brain teasers, and find inspiration when you need it most.



8 Creative Ways to Land a Job

Career: 8 Creative Ways to Land a Job
While gimmicky job-hunting tactics tend to backfire, you can use creativity when applying for your next design gig. Based on feedback from executives, we’ve outlined 8 proven tactics you should put to use in your job search.


Eating the Elephant

Interactive: Eating the Elephant
Interactive expert David Sherwin explains how to digest the massive trends shaping the discipline of interactive design. He distilled a digest of major trends about the interactive world from what he learned at the 2011 HOW Interactive Design Conference in San Francisco to help you figure out what specific parts of the elephant you should chow down on first!


Freelance: Fighting the Crowd
The best way to combat crowdsourcing is to educate your prospects about it up front. Think this sounds strange? Read on to learn not only why it works, but also how it can become a key component of your marketing strategy.

Production: Paper Keepers
What makes a printed promotion special enough for clients and prospects to hold onto? Neenah Paper discovered that magic formula for a recent calendar project.

Creativity: Make Your Own Muse
A design instructor draws inspiration from an unusual and squatty cast of characters that he calls The Secret Species. These clay figures galvanize creatives of all types.

My Best Work: Stefan Bucher
Designer, illustrator and writer Stefan G. Bucher explains his popular and amazingly creative “MONSTER MAKER” app for iPhone and iPad. “My goal is to let everybody have as much fun making monsters on their iPhones and iPads as I do making them on paper.”

Designing Change: Compass to Care

Sidelines: Unabashedly Pro-Fun