An example of a marketing-smart website

Cilantro Studios listened to my webcast, “Marketing Smart Websites: How to Make Your Website Work Harder for You,” and put what they learned to use when creating their new site.

Here are some of the marketing-smart recommendations that they implemented:
* On the homepage, they are using scrolling questions to talk directly to their prospects in their time of need. This approach can be very effective on a homepage.

* In their “about” section, they use the word “leadership” to indicate that there are a couple of people in charge – while making it clear that they aren’t the only people at the company. They call their team their "our amigos" which makes it evident that team is larger as well.

* Throughout the website, they use language that connects with one of their target audiences, the Hispanic market.

* They use a client list. A lot of companies don’t do this, but a lot of prospective clients look for it!

If you haven’t seen the webcast, (and you want to make sure your website is marketing-smart), you can get it here. There are 3 webcasts in the Creative Freelancer Marketing Bootcamp series including: Marketing-Smart Websites: How to Make Your Site Work Harder for You, Beyond the Brochure: How to Create Effective Sales Materials & E-Mail & More: How to Attract Clients with Easy & Effective E-Marketing.