Are you a business?

My opening session for this year’s CFC is called, “You are a business” because many solopreneurs don’t realize that even though they are on their own, they ARE a business. 

And when you don’t realize you are a business, you might miss out on valuable resources for “businesses.”

One example is Jim Blasingame’s site, Small Business Advocate. As a solopreneur, you might look at this site and say “This is for small businesses, not for me.” But once you see yourself as a business, you’ll realize how valuable this info can be. Take a look: Also, as a member of Jim's "Brain Trust," we've done lots of interviews about small business owners and marketing. Listen to those here.

One thought on “Are you a business?

  1. Mariel Kyger

    Solopreneurs (love that name!) should also check out It’s the blog for a crowdsourcing website where entrepreneurs and freelancers can access multiple projects and build their portfolios, as well as get paid if they provide the best solution. More explanation of why crowdsourcing is good for freelancers here.