Are you the boss?

Luke Mysse, from business-minded design firm, CROSSGRAIN, is giving a talk at CFC (June 5-6, Denver) called “Who’s the boss?”. Check out his latest blog post where he describes the topic:

I’m so excited to be speaking at this year’s HOW Creative Freelance Conference June 5-6 in Denver. (You! Yes, you! Come see me!)

The title of my talk is “Who’s the boss?”. All 80s sitcom references aside, I will be talking about setting clear expectations in working relationships; about how we should always seek out and work with people that are a good fit.

But it’s not just being the boss, it’s about being a good boss. A good boss brings out the best in those around them and also realizes his or her strengths. (read Strengthsfinder 2.0)

Being the boss with your clients is not about being a bully or trying to get your way. A good boss feels the weight of his responsibilities daily; he is there to make his people better and set them up to win. To me, it boils down to being a professional.

You were hired because you’re good at something, because the person or company that hired you saw something they wanted. So, lead! It’s your job to push back if you feel like you have a better way or solution. It’s your job to set clear expectations for all parties involved. It’s your job to lead everyone efficiently. It’s not about being a bully. It’s about being a professional. Remember what Uncle Ben said to Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

So be a pro at what you do. Take control and lead others to greater prosperity and understanding. Be a professional and know when things don’t fit. A pro knows when he’s a bad match and when to bow out. A bully sticks around and tries to force his way no matter how bad the fit.

Be a professional. It’s what you’ve been hired to do.

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