Are you the needle or the haystack?

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Andrew Fingerman, VP of Marketing at PhotoShelter, to talk about how photographers can effectively market themselves. (Even though we are talking about photographers, the concepts carry over to all creative pros.)

Here is an excerpt:

Q:  We see a lot of photographers at a loss for how to brand themselves, and more specifically how to differentiate themselves in a sea of photographers with a similar specialty.  Do you have advice to help photographers break through with more unique ways to describe their businesses?

A: First of all, never say, "I am a photographer." Back to the idea that everything flows from the market,  frame the answer to "What do you do?" from the listener's point of view. Think instead about how what you do affects them.

For example, "I help pharmaceutical companies put a human face on their science," brings the value of what you do to life.

Or, "I work with fashion companies to create Park Avenue images on midtown budgets so they can reach Main Street,"  (which I borrowed from a client who is a video producer) responds to what they are looking for so much more than any label you can put on yourself. Make sense?

Listen to the whole interview here:

Also, if you’re a photographer in the NewYork area, join me and Allen Murabayashi, CEO & Co-founder of PhotoShelter, on May 26th, as we present an event for the American Society of Picture Professionals: Don’t be a needle. Be the haystack. Marketing, Self Promotion & Social Networking.

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