Banish Feast or Famine Forever!

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planBefore the storm hit, I was spreading the word about the free video training by Ed Gandia, who spoke at this year’s CFC on how to create a marketing plan you’ll enjoy implementing.

I got an unexpected message back from freelancer, Paula Mottshaw, raving about Ed’s Warm Email Prospecting program and telling me how she had used the materials to grow her business.

So of course, I had to know more and asked her to elaborate on her experience. Here’s what she wrote:

I absolutely hate cold calling, So I needed to find a method that worked for me. Ed’s warm email program is a step-by-step, how-to program focused on how to build relationships and attract clients via email. The program is created in modules and includes short videos, handouts and worksheets; plus lots of actionable tips that cost $0 to implement.

Sending warm emails sets you apart from the crowd. How often do you receive an email that was written especially for you (and not the masses)?
Paula Mottshaw, Communications and Design Professional

Well, today, Ed has opened enrollment on the comprehensive program Paula was talking about. It builds on the free videos but goes into much more detail about what to say and who to say it to.

Plus, Ed is offering 4 extra bonuses for anyone who enrolls before Friday, Nov 9, when he closes enrollment. Here’s what you get:

  1. Fast-Action Bonus: Strategy Jumpstart Worksheet ($29 value) if you enroll by midnight Monday, Nov. 5
  2. Personalized evaluation of one of your email scripts ($150 value)
  3. Two Private Group Coaching Calls ($300 value)
  4. FREE access to his “Quality Client Machine” Online Program ($200 value)

So if you want to banish feast or famine forever, get more information about this simple marketing program here.