Blogging in front of your prospects

People always ask me if they should have their own blog. In general, my answer is “no.” I think blogs are very hungry creatures, and it’s nearly impossible to have an effective one without a steady flow of information.

I do recommend that people “guest post” in front of their target audience – since that can often times be more effective than having your own blog.

Here is an example of website copywriter, Deidre Rienzo, doing that on the Market It Write Blog. She wrote this post, Why Old Content Won’t Land New Customers, and she’s getting in front of her prospects without having a blog herself.

Remember that your prospects are out there, and they’re already reading certain blogs. Take some time to find these blogs, and see if they’ll accept a guest post. Since blogs are hungry for content, most will be delighted to have an excellent, expert, guest poster. And sometimes, guest blogging even pays. (If you want to be a guest blogger for this blog, send your ideas to me at