Chime in at the CFC LinkedIn Group

There's a lot going on over at the CFC LinkedIn Group. Get involved and share your input on these topics:

What metrics are you tracking? I'm finishing up an article for my Freelancer Column for HOW Magazine. It's about which metrics solopreneurs and creative freelancers track to make sure your business is healthy, such as billable hours, cash flow projections, new vs. repeat clients and anything else you think is important (and make time to track!). Share as much detail as you're comfortable with. It could be worth a little publicity.

Web portfolios: to explain or not to explain? Dina Dembicki asks: Do you think adding some sort of explanation with the portfolio pieces on your web site adds value for the viewer? A few paragraphs explaining the project, how you arrived at the solution, and whether it's been valuable to the client, etc… Or, do you think folks just want to see the work and think what they will about it with no direction from you as the author of the work (whether visual or written)? Tell us what you think.

What's your Twitter name? Frazer Wilson says: As this group incorporates all creative professionals, I feel it would be great to link up on Twitter and create some valuable networking opportunities. He's right! Share your Twitter name with your fellow creatives here.