Designer: CFC paid for itself in two weeks

We love sharing success stories like this one from Curtis Gorlich of Guppie Graphics. He and his partner, Shawn Timen, joined us at CFC in Denver just a few weeks ago.

I wanted to write to say thank you and to give anyone who is on the fence of going to next year’s CFC the push they need. YES IT'S WORTY EVERY PENNY!!! Because of what I learned at Jean Perwin’s “Ask A Lawyer Anything” breakfast roundtable, and being moved by Shel Perkins to buy his MUST READ book “Talent Is Not Enough: Business Secrets For Designers,” I was able to negotiate and close a deal with a client’s in-house legal department.

It was two days of intense negotiations since they were hell bent on wanting us to do a work for hire agreement and we wouldn't. Long story short, we ended up retaining copyright, and our client received what they needed with an exclusive license. Even though they had an entire legal team, they didn't grasp the fact that the license we granted them would give them nearly all rights except being the artist who created the work and the ability to make and distribute derivative works. But as they say you have to go through six no's to get a yes. 

This one job paid for the entire trip out to Denver and then some. If I wasn't armed with what we learned at CFC– there would have been no way I could have closed that deal.

If anyone else has had something like happen since CFC — let us know!