Did momma tell you not to brag?

My latest freelance column, New Rules for Freelancers, in HOW Magazine’s July issue is on the stands. It talks about how as a freelancer, you might need to reconsider mom’s advice and make some new rules for yourself.

For example, your mom may have told you not to brag. Right?

Well, she may not have known you'd be freelancing, for which a bit of “bragging” is necessary. (It's called “self-promotion.”) As a matter of fact, I found something that is especially self-promotion-worthy – so I’ll “brag” for her! Liz Lomax is the artist who did the really cool 3D illustration for my HOW column.

On her blog, she shows photos and takes readers through her creative process, and it’s pretty incredible! Read Liz’s blog post and see her amazing process here.

The column isn't available online but you can see what’s inside & order the latest issue of HOW here: http://www.howdesign.com/currentissue/.
Find more info and articles from HOW about freelancing here: http://www.howdesign.com/freelancing.

Did mom give you advice that helped/hindered you in growing your business?