Do you let them use bad photos?

If you’re a web designer, what do you do when a client sends over less than good images for their website? Find out what Dusty Perin, equine photographer, thinks in her article: Good Web Designers Don’t Let Customers Use Bad Photos.

Let’s face it, you have all been there….your customer has paid you to design their new website, you have helped them massage the text, you have edited, perhaps ghost written a few parts and now you are ready to add the pictures. You open up the jpegs that the customer has sent you and they are less than great. In fact, not one of them is close to pro quality, or worst they have 2 pro shots and 20 poorly exposed and composed amateur images. So what’s a web designer to do? Is the customer always right? Do you try to work with what you have and fix them with Photo Shop? If you care about the success of your customer on the web, it is time to get honest.

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Has this happened to you? How do you deal with this situation?

One thought on “Do you let them use bad photos?

  1. Sue Miller

    No. I try to use the best pictures given or they don’t get used at all. I work mostly in print. I have the same problem with logo design. Committees get together and decide that they want this and this and this and this thrown into their logo. What I do is get back with the person who sent me the request and do some “edumacatium.” I have to educate them on good vs. bad logos and why it’s a bad idea to throw in so many images into a logo. I tell them to keep it simple. So, do the same thing with bad photos. Educate your client and ask if they can provide better photos. Their overall company image and Web site presence depends on it.