Do your prospects need caffeine first?

If timing is everything – then when is the best time to send a newsletter or reach out with a research call?

One Marketing Director told me she rarely answers her phone before 10am because it is usually “pushy sales calls” that she isn’t prepared to deal with before her coffee. She said she responds better to “friendly calls” in the afternoon.

This question came up on the Creative Freelancer Conference LinkedIn Group:

Are there better times than others to approach clients or prospects?

I've heard that it's best to approach clients or prospects for work Tuesdays-Thursdays and before noon. Does anyone know of or follow any rules like this? Have you heard of any best practices?

When do your prospects seem most receptive? Share your thoughts here or on LinkedIn.

One thought on “Do your prospects need caffeine first?

  1. Ana Carini

    Ilise, you can find the same ‘exact’ topic at The Fashion Designer Survival Guide book by Mary Gehlhar. I will definitely NOT make the mistake of cold calling (or research calling) any prospect out of those date/hours. Very helpful.