Does this tip the scales?

If you’re still undecided about joining us at CFC, here is an offer that might just push you over the edge…

In addition to way cool networking, know-how, and inspiration – all Creative Freelancer Conference attendees get a free 6-month trial subscription to Creative Business – which includes the incredible newsletter devoted to creatives as well as unlimited phone and email support.

CB is the only publication 100% devoted to the business side of creative services–graphic design, interactive, advertising, editorial, and marketing. Founded in 1989, it is published nine times a year–six regular and three special issues–in a format of 12 to 16 pages.

The information in Creative Business comes from the actual experiences of thousands of creative firm principals and freelances. To ensure objectivity, everything we publish is extensively researched and staff written, and advertising is not accepted.

All subscribers also receive unlimited access to telephone and e-mail advice. Subscribers are encouraged to call or e-mail us anytime they need a business reality check, face a new situation, or desire a second opinion. This added benefit, unique among publications of any type, saves our subscribers thousands $ each year in wasted time and avoidable mistakes.

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