Don’t Forget Customer Service

For some reason, it seems like there's a buzz about customer service right now. As everything's become cheap and easy, service is becoming an essential way to stand out.

We may think we're in the business of making — writing copy, producing an illustration or photograph, creating a brochure — but really, we're in a service industry. (I say 'we' because I've got plenty of experience as a freelance writer myself.) We focus on the deliverables; we should pay as much attention to the service.

Lots of small businesses out there do what you do. Service is where you can really shine. Here's a tidbit on providing great customer service. But I'm interested to hear what YOU do to make your clients happy. Feel free to comment.

One thought on “Don’t Forget Customer Service

  1. Shawn Timen

    I always try to meet in person with my clients face to face. This makes things go smoother and shows I care on a personal level. I make sure to ask how things are going in their personal lives and the next time I meet ask how those things are. Brings an extra level to our relationship. I also bring my laptop in to make the few tweeks when a project is almost finished and just has a minor change of wording or location of something that would normally go back and forth a few times. My clients love it!