Drawing inspiration from the world around you.

I'm not a designer; I'm a writer. And I know from plenty of personal experience that writers face the same kind of creative blocks that visual communicators do. The blank chasm of a new Word document can be just as overwhelming to text people as a new InDesign doc is to image people.

I do a fair amount of writing for HOW—for the magazine, and also for our blogs, website, marketing materials and so on. The most challenging thing to write is the editor's note (though I share that duty with my colleagues on a rotating basis). When I'm stumped, my fallback strategy is to take our dog Wrigley for a walk, and let ideas arise and develop as we're strolling through our neighborhood.

One of my favorite writers, Sam Harrison, shares all kinds of tactics for getting past a mental roadblock. I recently came across his article 10 Ways to Get Inspired by the World Around you and thought I'd share it with you. Whether you're a verbal or visual person, Sam's tips work wonders. Check 'em out.

What do you do to break creative blocks? Share your strategies in the comment section.