You gotta think “newsletter” when reaching for business cards

Ever wonder how to grow your list of newsletter subscribers the right way? Well, we have an answer, folks. In his latest E-Newsletter on E-Newsletters, Michael Katz answers the question, "How do we grow our list?" He says:

There's no magic formula, but it occurred to me the other day that one of my long-time clients – Brad Howe of Financial Managers – is constantly adding new names to his newsletter subscriber list.

So I asked him what he was doing. Here's what he said:
"As I exchange business cards with folks, usually after we've talked for 5-10 minutes, I almost always say that I'd like to add them to my newsletter list. I go on to say that I think they'll find it useful and maybe a little unusual–not the regular accounting/financespeak. If there's any hesitation, I quickly add that they can readily cancel if they think that it doesn't apply to what they're doing.

"You just gotta think 'newsletter' every time you reach for your business cards."

How do you grow your newsletter list?

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One thought on “You gotta think “newsletter” when reaching for business cards

  1. lidia varesco design

    Great topic. I try to be careful when adding names to my mailing list. Personally, I prefer being asked *before* being arbitrarily added to a mailing list (which lately doesn’t seem to be the case!) so I try to follow the same policy for others. If I’m unsure, I ask for permission. I have yet to have someone say no, and it makes me feel better about adding them.
    In order to grow my list: I review business cards from recent networking events and go through my email inbox for new clients, vendors and prospects, as well as new LinkedIn and Twitter connections. I also have a newsletter sign up form on my website. Admittedly, I don’t have a huge list, but I’d rather keep it lean than have unsubscribes/complaints.
    A side note: in an attempt to reduce email clutter lately, I’ve chosen to follow many companies on Twitter rather than getting their newsletter. So I try to think in these terms for my own business, posting lots of content on Twitter and/or my blog.