Expenses just got easier

Imagine how good life would be if you had a tool that simplified your receipts and expenses?

Expensify.com is an online expense report service that helps freelancers especially track and bill reimbursable expenses for each project (without having to keep track of bits of paper) plus keep track of business vs. personal expenses. It even allows you to scan receipts straight from your iPhone as a way to keep digital records.

Take a look at their 3-minute demo:

Here's what Expensify allows you to do:

  • Import expenses directly from your credit card
  • Manage receipts electronically, "as you go"
  • Scan receipts from your iPhone or Blackberry
  • Submit "one-click" expense reports
  • Reimburse (and get reimbursed) online

It's completely free to create and submit reports (or use them for personal tracking), and only $1/report to reimburse the report online or export to QuickBooks. Get more info, or sign up here.