Feedback please: CEC or CFC?

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planHOW Design Live and the Creative Freelancer Conference are barely behind us and already we have had a big planning meeting for the 2014 event (May 12-16 in Boston).

I’m very excited about the changes we’re mulling over and there’s one we need your feedback on right away: we are (finally) changing the name of the CFC aspect of the event, for all sorts of reasons, including the ones discussed on the most commented post on this blog.

The suggestion is to change it to “The Creative Entrepreneur Conference” — what do you think?

And if we do that, should we have a transition name for next year that bridges the gap: The Creative Entrepreneur & Freelancer Conference?

Let us know by Tuesday, July 30 what you think.


6 thoughts on “Feedback please: CEC or CFC?

  1. Laurel Black

    “The Creative Entrepreneur Conference” is WAY better. It elevates both the participants and their occupations, and it is both broader and more specific. It will encourage all of us who provide creative services to remember that we are professionals and businesses, and to not empower the image of ink-stained wretches working off their kitchen tables for peanuts. I vote for CEC.

  2. Megan Coleman

    I agree, I think it’s a more professional and serious sounding name. I don’t use the term “freelancer” much anymore because it sort of has bad connotations (un-reliable, transient, not serious). I don’t think you need a transition period though, just change it!

  3. Hope

    I agree that changing to “The Creative Entrepreneur Conference” is a great idea. I don’t think a transition name is needed though. The name change can be referenced in the conference copy.

  4. Marcia Hoeck

    So glad you’re thinking of making this change, Ilise — I think you’ll attract more entrepreneurs who are your target market and who do not consider themselves to be freelancers. When I spoke at CFC in Boston, I was surprised to find out who did and who did not consider themselves to be freelancers, as well as how the definition contrasts wildly, and with my own. To me, a freelancer has always been an “extra hand,” usually hired as a helper on an existing, pre-determined project — never a strategic, independent thinker who handles entire client projects and campaigns. But I did see many of this type of capable person at CFC, considering themselves as freelancers. There is a large section of the client population who would not think to hire these “freelancers” because these clients hold the definition I do — which is why I love the switch to “entrepreneur.”

    I don’t think there will ever be a perfect term to define the lone independent designer, as “entrepreneur” could also mean the owner of any business, large or small, but it does a better job than freelancer in conveying capability. Language and terms do vary based on geography and industry sector, too, so it’s best to have conversations, overall, rather than labels. CEC is a great first step!

    And yes, I do think it would help to have a transition year or two, if only to avoid confusion of your audience who has come to love and look for your event. Some may totally miss the next one if you remove the term freelancer. And I don’t think having both freelancer and entrepreneur in the name sounds bad at all — it sounds like you’ve grown!

  5. nancy ruzow

    While I have not referred to myself as a freelancer for many years, I do not feel like I am an entrepreneur either, but an Independent Creative. Entrepreneur to me is more of a business with considerable initiative and RISK, and one who starts new things over and over. For myself, and established business person, I do not align myself with that word.