Finding Your Niche

One of the underlying ideas we're hoping to share at this year's Creative Freelancer Conference is, what does your business want to be when it grows up? Many creative freelancers take a common path through the course of their careers: they start out moonlighting while working a day job, then take the plunge and begin freelancing full-time.

Once you start running your own show, then what does it take to become a REAL independent professional? Getting serious about business development (instead of taking just whatever work comes in the door) is one facet. And building a real marketing effort means finding your niche. Ilise talks, speaks and writes frequently about "getting rich in a niche." Most creatives fear targeting a specific market because they worry they'll be missing out on work. Not so. Instead, defining your niche helps you focus your marketing efforts and build deeper, more significant relationships with clients who respect your expertise. Still freaked out by the idea? Check out a bunch of resources here to start you thinking about marketing your freelance business in a grown-up way.