97% of Creative Professionals Freelance

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I actually made up “97% of Creatives Freelance,” but I’m 100% sure it’s true. (I made that number up, too.) As a writer, blogger and former publicist, I am asked at least once a week if I ever take on new clients. I know you know exactly what I’m talking about, because you get asked as well. (I’m 99% sure).

Technology today has become a conversation. SEO, iPad, Responsive Web Design, SEM, PPC, JPEG, GIF, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine, URL, email, wireless, cell, keyless entry and more. According to a 2012 CDC/NCHS Survey, half of all U.S. households do not have landlines. If you work in design, you are part of the tech revolution. It’s not easy being in demand, because there is always the possibly of a decline. The conundrum is so glaring that a full freelance option can be frightening. So you might begin taking on a few freelance graphic design jobs, even though you’re not quite sure of the freelance graphic design rates to charge. Your first project is usually something small — a logo, a print ad, a t-shirt design, the guide for the school auction program. Then one day you have to work late and you begin getting frustrated. You start to think about that freelance job, then browse jobs on the Internet under “freelance.”

This goes on for years until one day you create that ad that is so incredible, you save the company’s best client and everyone is so happy that even the CEO carries you on her shoulders. The best client signs a three-year contract for $25 million. While everyone is celebrating you pack up your stuff, head to the elevator just in time to see your boss get into her Mercedes and head off with the best client. “I’m going to start my own company,” you say out loud.

If you’re ready, we have some great resources:

I’m ready to make a living freelancing




Creatives are fortunate.They are the few professionals able to make a living using their skills and their talents bymds_creativefreelancerconf-500 freelancing. At the Creative Freelance Conference this year, hundreds attended sessions on lead generation, best practices, small business opportunities and design. Nineteen hours have been bundled together into a collection that will inspire many creatives to set out on their own. For those who have been freelancing without a plan (with more work than they can handle), this collection is a must. Even in peak times, analyzing your business will help you keep it running in top form for decades to come.

Still weighing your options? You’re not alone. HOW’s former editor, and happy freelancer, Bryn Mooth, shares her story in the “What to Expect When You’re Freelancing” digital download, included in this collection.

Jim Krause offers the all important, often unspoken topic — “How to Stuff 10 Pounds of You-Know-What Into a 5-Day Week.” Work/life balance is hard for any professional, but building a business can be brutal on time commitments. This digital download is a must for understanding and finding the much needed work/life balance.

Other downloads in this dynamic collection include Cut the Crap and Start Networking” and “Pitch Perfect, Never be a Deer in Headlights Again!” The entire collection of 19 hours from the Creative Freelance Conference is just $69.99. If purchased separately, the price would be $449.82. It’s an exceptional deal well worth the investment. Buy it now.