Freelancers and Hurricane Sandy

Ilise Benun on your online marketing planI’m still in San Francisco for HOW’s Interactive Design Conference but my hometown of Hoboken has been hit pretty hard. (Fortunately, my family and friends, including 4-legged ones, are safe and sound.)

I’ve been trying to help affected neighbors and clients remotely, especially those who don’t have power and therefore access to information. I’ve found myself passing along updates about where the power is available, especially, so people can charge their phones.

Other clients weren’t sure how to deal with clients who were expecting deadlines to be met. I’ve simply advised to keep them abreast of your situation, if at all possible. But especially not to panic. Your clients will understand. These things happen!

So that made me wonder how the freelancing life is affected by major disaster. Any stories out there about how you’ve been affected and/or how your clients are?

2 thoughts on “Freelancers and Hurricane Sandy

  1. Stefanie

    Been “freelance” for 10 years for a major corporation. I live in NJ, had no power for a week and no way to get into NYC. The company chose not to pay me my day rate for all 4 days which hurts financially & emotionally