Got copyright?

One of the speakers at CFC 2010 (June 5-6, Denver) is Jean S. Perwin, a lawyer who focuses on copyright, trademark, intellectual property and more for a wide range of clients including graphic design firms, advertising agencies, visual artists and photographers. She has some very helpful resources on her website – dealing with copyright, trademarks, and contracts.

Take a look:

Legal Ease Articles
How To Register Your Copyright
Trademarks In The Trade: Trademark issues in the Design Business
Bad Contracts/Bad Deals And How To Get Out Of Them
Covenants Not to Compete
Trademarks of the Trade

Useful Information

Everything You Need To Know About Registering Your Trademark
Ten Copyright Myths That Can Hurt You
Useful Websites and General Info

Come see Jean’s session, Freelancers Legal Basics:
Contracts and Copyrights, at the Creative Freelancer Conference next month.