Have you gotten jobs from LinkedIn?

Are you using LinkedIn?

So many people are – but we get questions all the time about exactly how to use it. There are so many things you can do on LinkedIn, and one thing we really love is LinkedIn Groups. Here’s a video about how to use the groups. http://learn.linkedin.com/groups/

LinkedIn Groups is great because everyone in the group shares something in common. It helps narrow down your connections and makes real relationships more possible, because you can get to know people over time through the group community.

In the group setting, you can start or contribute to discussions, ask and answer questions, share news and more. We’ve heard about people finding collaborators, getting publicity, and even getting new clients on LinkedIn from within their group.

One copywriter says:

Quite a few of my LinkedIn group members have gotten in touch with me to discuss projects. They needed a copywriter and found me from within their group. Even though we didn’t know each other personally (yet), the fact that we were in the same group meant we shared connections and common interests. I had known their names from seeing their comments and contributions, and they had known mine for the same reason.

What you have you noticed about using LinkedIn? Have you gotten jobs from LinkedIn? Developed new relationships? Please share.