Have you had a “moment” lately?

When Dyana Valentine is around, there is a spark in the air, and big things always seem to happen. We think it’s about time these instances have a name – and Alisa Bonsignore put it perfectly when she described her “Dyana moment” on her blog:

I had the privilege of watching Dyana Valentine work her instigator magic at the Creative Freelancer Conference last weekend. It’s the second time in three years that I’ve walked away with a Dyana Valentine moment. Two years ago, it was her guidance that helped me to distill my professional pitch from a lengthy ramble to “clarifying complex ideas.” This year, she has me looking at the Next Big Thing, the thing that I didn’t even know that I was looking for… “If you could do anything you wanted, right now, what would you do?” Dyana asked. “Don’t think about what people will say. Imagine that everyone would stand up and applaud. What would you do?” Read more: http://clarifyingcomplexideas.com/2010/06/next-big-thing/

Dyana is a catalyst. She’s a self-proclaimed instigator. If you need a moment, we know she can help – because we’ve seen her ignite, clarify, and excel so many businesses over the years.

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