Hey, this stuff really works!

Amid all the great feedback and success stories we’re getting after the conference, here’s another one that will inspire you to make some business changes of your own:

From Paul Gregory Feith in Chicago:

I’ve been in business as a freelance designer for two years, but really never knew how to grow my business. I still have a lot to learn (the learning never stops), but of all the things I learned through your book and conference, the PRICING and MONEY TALK were the two things I really took away to start with.

Freelancers almost never charge what they should, and based on some material I read from Creative Business, I thought I was doing ok at charging for my services. Now, here you come along and suggest that I shouldn’t have an hourly rate, and furthermore, I shouldn’t suggest a “cost” until I understand the client’s budget.

All I can say is, Wow! I tried that approach on my next two clients. I pushed them for their budget amounts set aside for their project. They pushed back. I gave them your suggested response. I got the budget amount. I also replaced “my fee” with “the cost”. Those two changes alone got me about three times more money for the projects than my previous approach.

Lastly, I’m not afraid to talk about money at all now. I treat it matter-of-factly immediately after the creative discussion, and I try to bring it up first. In the last month, those discussions have been pleasant and appreciated by the clients. Discussing money up front, both in the initial client meeting, in the proposal, and in the contract keeps the client informed up front in all stages, and they appreciate that.

So thank you, Peleg, for your great advice and no-nonsense pricing guide. If this keeps up, I may have a budget of my own to spend on growing my business.