Hot Markets for Writers

At Marketing Mentor, we're always talking about pinpointing your "target market." Sometimes that target market has to do with your experience, your interests, or even with which ones need your services at the current time — and can afford you. The truth is, some markets are "hotter" than others, and if you want to target an industry that will support your growth, it can be a good idea to take this into consideration.
Over at Writer's Digest, they know all about "hot" markets too. They sifted through Writer's Market to narrow down the best markets for writers — and came up with a list of 50 magazines and 50 publishers. Here's why they chose these particular publications:
The top 50 magazines were chosen based on the following criteria: A willingness to work with new writers, payment on acceptance, having a website, seeking nonfiction and currently accepting queries. The list is broken down into categories to help you search and is varied with big and small publications, well-known and regional, and more.

The top 50 publishers were chosen based on the following criteria: They pay advances, publish reprints, accept simultaneous submissions and accept work from unagented writers. In addition, we analyzed how many first-time-author books each publisher turns out in a year, compared against total books released. Royalty rates and average amount of advances broke ties for rankings.

To read the rest of the article and see the list, click here.