How can writers succeed in the future of digital publishing?

Join Jane Friedman, publisher/editorial director of Writer's Digest on Thursday, April 22nd at 1pm EST to find out How Writers Can Succeed in the Future of Digital Publishing.

Here are some details:

No matter what type of a writer you are, you have to meet the future of publishing with eyes wide open. In this seminar, you'll get information on where the industry is headed in a time of digital revolution—and also learn ways for you to succeed and adapt no matter what the future holds.

What you'll learn:

  • Three potential "business models" for writers and authors to follow
  • How to achieve greater visibility in your career
  • How to be an attractive author for a publisher, editor, or agent
  • Whether new online publishing options are a good option for you, when to use them, and how they can impact your success
  • A good, working philosophy or approach for building readers and community over the course of your writing career
  • Best resources to stay on top of changes, trends, and news that affects your future in the business

More info and register here.