How to create a first class website

CFC veteran, Lidia Varesco, who runs a boutique graphic design agency in Chicago, has been participating in the Creative Freelancer Marketing Bootcamp DesignCast Series.

She recently wrote a blog post inspired by one of the DesignCasts: Marketing-Smart Websites: How to Make Your Site Work Harder for You.

In her post, Lidia shares some tidbits from the webinar that she found useful:

  • Show your website to clients/prospects and ask for feedback: see what is important to them – I shared my new site with several clients and friends and found their feedback very useful.

  • Show samples of the type of projects that you want more of.

(To get more information about this, check out my Quick Tip, Is Your Website Aspirational or Historical?

Read the rest of Lidia’s blog post, Crafting a first-class Website.

The final DesignCast in the series is coming up on May 13th. It’s called: E-mail & More: How to Attract Clients with Easy & Effective E-Marketing. Sign up here, or get access to all the DesignCasts.

One thought on “How to create a first class website

  1. lidia varesco design

    Thanks for the shoutout, Ilise! Since I can’t make it to the CFC in Denver this year, I signed up for the Creative Freelancer Marketing Bootcamp DesignCast series. I’m glad I did. So far, they have all been very informative and super useful for my business (i.e. many pages of notes and lots of exciting new ideas brewing!)
    I look forward to the next one and plan to write more blog posts inspired by the series.