How to push your prospects over the edge to “yes”

First, I want to thank everyone who sent me their outstanding marketing materials for my webcast today at 4PM EST: Beyond the Brochure: How to Create Effective Sales Materials. (You can still sign up, of course, and can listen to the archived version even if you're not free today when I do it live.)

I have so many incredible and creative examples to present – and so many ideas that you can apply to your own situations. One in particular which I’ll be showing today was sent in by Kevin Flores, Chief Creative Fella at The Flores Shop in Richmond VA. "After submitting an RFP for a total re-branding of a law firm, we designed a microsite that we called, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. It was created to show them the difference between well-branded law firms and those who put little to no effort and resources into their brand development.”

View the microsite here:

This is a prime example of going the extra mile when you’ve got a really good prospect and creating something unique and specific to your client — something that will really nudge that “yes.”

Join me today. And learn how to create effective marketing materials that will make your prospects say “yes.”
Tuesday, April 20, 2010, 4:00 PM EST. (Duration: 1 hour)
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