Aiming for success

I was reading this morning and thought of a something that may help designers and other creatives grasp the idea of what marketing is and why it's so important.

Have them replace the word "marketing" with the word "aiming." They must ask themselves:

"What am I aiming at?"

"Who do I want to help?"

"What kind of work do I love to do?"

"Who would I love to do it for?"

Writing down the answers to these questions will give them a rough outline of where to "aim" their effort, love and passion.

The truth is that you will start achieving your goals once you have some. Zig Zigglar said, "If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time." This is especially true in marketing.

Words and images are so powerful. Designers and creatives must take responsibility for that power by aiming it where it can be most effective. They must aim that power where it can have the greatest positive impact.

– Clink Walkingstick,