It’s been 3 months already!

It’s already a full quarter since we were all at the Creative Freelancer Conference in Chicago. Can you believe it?

I guess it’s fitting that we’re almost ready to launch CFC On Demand (watch for email messages coming this week).

As I was testing the links for the audio, I was drawn back into experience just by listening. Suddenly, I was back in that hotel ballroom, sitting at the round tables with all of you, watching my colleagues present, hearing new ideas or hearing old ideas in a brand new way.

I even found myself feeling inspired by our own presentation, Secrets of a Successful Solopreneur, because in that session, we emphasized the need for community among freelancers and pointed to the fact that you are not alone. Everyone in that room is part of your community, including us.

So how are you doing? Are you taking advantage of that community? Or are you hunkered down in your studio? We want to know.

If you have stayed in touch with your new CFC buddies, let us know how. If you have started a blog, let us know. If you have a Twitter stream for anyone who wants to follow, let us know that too. Do your part in keeping the momentum going by posting your comments here for all to see.

7 thoughts on “It’s been 3 months already!

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  2. Christie McQueen

    I am new to creative freelancer and would really like to attend this year’s conference. In the meantime, are there any fellow creative freelancers out there that meet in the Orlando area? If so, I’d love to join your group. I have been trying to follow Ilise’s marketing calendar, but lately have found myself hunkered down in the studio perfecting my website and printed portfolio. I am eager to continue networking and reaching out to the local community.
    Christie McQueen