Just throw it out there

In last week’s Quick Tip, I talked about how it doesn’t matter what you send – as long as you send something.

Along those lines, it seems that sometimes, the things you expect to get a big response don’t – and the ones that you “just throw out there” do.

Jay Thatcher’s “Rock On” Video is a good example. He made this video for the Nashville AIGA sponsored DISH: Student Design Conference, and since he had it, he threw it out there on a few social networks and in his e-newsletter.

The response he has gotten has been surprising.

It seems his video has turned into a viral marketing tool for his business, Thatcher Design, because people are passing it on, posting it and sharing it. And yes, he’s even getting work from it – from a video that he just “threw out there.”

Check it out.

Have you ever “just thrown it out there”? Was the response unexpected?