Launch your business at the Creative Freelancer Conference?

I got this question last week from a freelancer with a full time job and a few side clients but who isn’t “full time” in her own business yet:

Part of our plan is for me to go full time into my own business, and with this in mind I'm thinking about attending the Creative Freelancer Conference. I'm not full time freelance yet, but I do plan to increase my client base as soon as possible. Do you think I should attend the conference?

She should absolutely attend. The fact that this creative’s business isn’t in full-swing yet makes the Creative Freelancer Conference an even better fit. The conference will help her get her business into full-swing by providing the tools she needs. Many attendees in the past have even launched their businesses at the conference.

The other reason CFC is perfect for you if you still have a job is the timing: It’s over the weekend – June 5-6 – so you won’t have to miss any work.

Whether you’ve been in business for years, or are in the early stages of creative self employment, CFC is right for anyone who is serious about developing their business. The early bird registration deadline has been extended through April 15th.

Are you planning to launch your business at CFC this year? If so, let us know.

4 thoughts on “Launch your business at the Creative Freelancer Conference?

  1. Heidi Lowry

    Attending CFC before starting a business is great, too, because being there is so motivating. I went last year and the plan this year is to wipe my desk clean before heading out, so I can use the momentum I feel there right when I get back — no outstanding projects to finish first.

  2. GeeGirl

    Count me among those who will be launching my business this year. And the CFC should be a fantastic platform to make sure I am ready. I have contemplated this move for a long time and it seems that now all the pieces are falling into place. Looking forward to seeing you all there.