Looking Ahead

Peleg, Ilise and I are already at work researching prospective speakers for the 2009 Creative Freelancer Conference, identifying key topics based on your feedback from the Chicago CFC and kicking around lots of other ideas. I always feel like I'm in a time warp: With both the magazine and with all four of HOW's events, we always plan SO far ahead, and sometimes it gets confusing. Like, we're developing ideas for an event in August, yet it's snowy and dark outside my window on this December day.

Stay tuned for some exciting news to come for the Creative Freelancer Community, including more ways you can learn and be connected not just at CFC, but year-round. We're exploring new ways to support you guys through this tight economy … and beyond.

And if you're interested in sharing your ideas, please feel free to comment here, or join the CFC dialog on LinkedIn.