Looking for inspiration? Or a kick in the butt?

This past August, 100+ freelancers and solopreneurs discovered the tools they needed most to find better, higher-paying clients; and found the inspiration to rejuvenate their businesses at the 2nd annual Creative Freelancer Conference, hosted by Marketing Mentor and HOW Magazine.

Now, you can too because we’ve just released the 2009 Complete Conference Package, a special collection of MP3 recordings (and visual slides in PDF format) that capture every information-packed presentation from the event. Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to plant the seeds for long-term relationships at any event you attend and develop your own freelance “tribe
  • When and how to say “no” to a project that doesn’t satisfy your creative urge…and when to take on a project just for the money
  • How to take control of your taxes and maximize your deduction opportunities by developing an independent business mindset
  • The simple way to discover how much a prospect is willing to pay before you waste hours of unpaid time writing a proposal
  • 5 easy steps for effective presentations that will help you overcome nerves and win the support of your audience
  • How to re-claim your power and tame the 5 most common “nightmare” clients, and why the problem—and the solution—is usually in your hands
  • The surprisingly painless secrets for harnessing social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Biznik, Twitter, and more without wasting @#$%! hours of your valuable time
  • How to keep your creative juices flowing day after day despite the constant pressure to be innovative on demand
  • Plus: You’ll also get two great bonus sessions with successful freelancers and our entire speaker panel. These final sessions provide a complete wrap-up of the entire event and reveal how profitable solopreneurs schedule their time, live balanced lives, which marketing tools they find the most effective, and why.

Ready to take your creative business to the next level? Listen to clips from each presentation and buy your copy of the 2009 Complete Conference Package here.