Make friends, not “contacts”

Thanks to Carlos E. Garcia of  Orinj Studio (who traveled from Ridgefield Park NJ to attend last year's Creative Freelancer Conference in Chicago and will be traveling to San Diego to join us again this year) — as I was saying, thanks to Carlos for passing along this post from Scott Hull's blog, Visual Ambassador (tagline: "the defining link between art and commerce") which was written by another CFC attendee, Mig Reyes.

Carlos said, "I wanted to highlight an article that can be helpful to my fellow creative minded peeps. I think I want to do this at the CFC this year, just not collect data from people but start a relationship."

Check out the blog post here:

Will we see you in San Diego? Early-bird deadline ends July 15….

5 thoughts on “Make friends, not “contacts”

  1. Mig Reyes

    Hey Ilise, thanks for posting my quick little blurb. I definitely made many-a-friend during the first Creative Freelancer Conference when it was held in Chicago. Through it, I’ve been able to happily manage fun and challenging projects and keeping a network of great friends to share the work.
    Thanks again!

  2. lidia varesco design

    I totally agree. This recent Biznik article also touched on the topic:
    I’m sure many of us have been added to a mailing list without our consent or received “generic” emails from people prospecting for business.
    Rather than forcing connections between everyone you meet at networking events, focusing on the people you find something in common with will help to create a relationship (or friendship) that will likely lead to working together, referrals or creative insight (which I feel is just as important as a job lead).

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